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"Is this the power you seek?"

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It’s kind of refreshing as a woman not to be playing a character that’s just defined by whom she’s in love with, to be honest. With Margaery, political ambition is motivating her—her relationships with all these different men has an agenda. Game of Thrones is like The Hunger Games in so far as it has beautiful writing of strong, complex, contradictory women—whether you’re talking about Arya Stark or Brienne of Tarth, who are physically empowering themselves; or women like Cersei and Margaery, who are doing the more traditional political court machinations. Margaery represents a very modern sort of PR, winning the hearts and minds. I’ve called her Kate Middleton crossed with your First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is a politically savvy woman who is harnessing romantic notions of royals in the populous’ mind.”

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The maze runner story is happening




Too jazzed about it now to not write it

MY EXACT SAME REACTION. Ellie here I come!

Tomorrow I’ll be bugging you about brain stormin!!


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The maze runner story is happening


Too jazzed about it now to not write it

MY EXACT SAME REACTION. Ellie here I come!

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Thanks to kfreeflute and thegreatestplottwist I will be making mood boards for characters tomorrow. You guys did an awesome job and I want to be like you.

nah, girl, you gotta give thanks to shirosagi! I saw hers and wanted to do my own!!


And I actually got the idea from catherine-the-fangirl! She did it first!

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MAZE RUNNER WITH MY BANSHEE!! #dylanobrien #mazerunner

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"I’m gonna say something that’s probably gonna make you cry, but sometimes when I look at you, I see Karen Gillan."

shirosagi, making me cry. (via neokhaleesi)

It’s very true tho. And hey, at least I warned you that you may cry!

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Mood board: Carrie Deveraux

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Mood board: Harrison Evans

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Reblog with what your OC’s instagram username would be


…it’s for science

carrievoyant (Carrie + clairvoyant mashed together). 

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"Maybe they’re Ninja Turtles."

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Right Beside You - Chapter 16 - Sneak Peek

Jackson: Your pet dweebs aren’t exactly subtle about it.
Sadie: Scott and Stiles aren’t pets and…
Jackson: What about Lahey and that Erica girl?
Sadie: How do you know about Isaac and Erica?
Jackson: I told you, Sadie. Not subtle. They were just talking about it in the hall. Something about Derek, something called a kanima and…
Sadie: What is it, Jackson?
Jackson: Lydia. They were saying something about Lydia.

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… not doing as w e l l.

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